Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Son's Halloween Costume

Hey guys I am still alive lol!! I have been super busy making my son's costume for Halloween. I had originally bought him one at Wal-Mart but he refused to even try it on. I paid twenty bucks for that costume so I returned it, and decided I would just make him one. I found this cute little video on Micheal's website. Jo Pearson had a video on how to make cute costumes, so I decided to try and make him a dinosaur costume. They video made it into a dragon costume, but I did my own take on it and made him a dinosaur one. This costume turned out so much cheaper than buying one, and I think from now on I will just make his costumes. He absolutely loved watching me make this costume, and he was actually about to throw a fit to try it on, go figure lol! So I was really glad he liked it so much. I haven't used a hot glue gun in awhile and I will tell you I burned myself so many times. I felt like an idiot lol!! I finally got the hang of using one again and quit burning myself, thank goodness, my fingers couldn't take much more lol! So here is his costume I hope to get a picture up of him wearing it, and I hope you guys like it!! Have a great day!